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Apr 15, 2024

March Quarter 2024 Median Prices

What Are The Value of Homes in My Suburbs? Click Here to view this FREE information.

Mar 14, 2024

Price Guide - Melbourne December 2023

Curious of Melbourne House Prices? Suburb by Suburb prices available here.

Feb 16, 2024

The Most Affordable & Expensive Pockets in Footscray

Click on the Interactive Suburbs Map to find the priciest and most affordable pocket in your suburb. A new analysis of the price differences within suburbs shows that a typical home buyer could save about $365,000 by searching in the most affordable pockets instead of the priciest areas. But in particularly exclusive enclaves, buyers pay a multi-million dollar premium to secure the best real estate in town, with the data highlighting just how much home values can vary in certain suburbs. The PropTrack analysis of home values by SA1 regions — small neighbourhoods made up of a handful of streets and typically home to a few hundred residents — has revealed each suburb's most affluent area, as well as where homebuyers might find pockets of affordability. Source: Realestate.com.au

Sep 1, 2023

Australia's most tightly held suburbs: Where people buy and never want to leave

Homeowners are holding onto properties for longer than ever, with new research revealing the suburbs where people buy and stay put for decades. With owners retaining properties for longer, options have become increasingly limited for buyers hoping to get a foothold in suburbs so desirable that people rarely sell. Click here to read further and find out how tightly held your suburb is.

Nov 25, 2022

A Decade of Data - September Quarter 2022

Has your home DOUBLED in PRICE in the last 10 years? Find out HERE.

Oct 13, 2022

Vision Magazine - October 2022 Edition

Our October Vision magazine is now available to view and/or download! Click HERE to view the full edition.

Aug 20, 2020

Get Your Home Ready for Post COVID action

You may be considering selling your home. Perhaps it doesn’t offer what you want or you have outgrown it. Can you guarantee you will find a home you love as much with those things you need added? You may discover upgrading your current home is a better option than selling it and buying another. What Needs to be Done? The depth of the renovations has to be considered. If you live where your home is located but you need an additional bedroom or a home office, get some experts to come offer you a free consultation. They can tell you how long it will take and the cost. They can also take care of the permits and legal aspects of the job. Sometimes, you can do the work on your own and save on the labour costs. Do you have the expertise to get the work done? Do you have the time to make the changes and to get the work completed in a timely manner? Do you need to take out a loan with either scenario? You may find you can get a home equity loan for a low interest rate to pay for what you need. During the Renovations Are you ready for the disruption that will occur during a renovation? There can be noise, dust, and people coming and going from your home to get the work done. If you are doing the job on your own, it is going to take far more time. Can you do without that area of your home while the work is being done in segments? If you are renovating your kitchen or bathroom, it may prove difficult to get along without those areas of the home for long. Selling your Home If you think there is too much your home needs to meet what you are after, it is time to move. Perhaps you bought it as a couple and now you are ready to have children and you want a large yard along with more bedrooms. Maybe you want to have a home closer to your job or with access to better schools. The current market value of your home should have plenty of weight in your decision. You don’t want to sell it for less than you owe on it. Ideally, you should be able to sell it, pay off the loan, pay the real estate agent, and have a good amount of money to use as a down payment on the new home.

Oct 8, 2019

Footscray ranked among top 50 coolest suburbs in the world.

See full article here.