Japneet Hansen-Thorpe

Property Manager/Business Development Manager

About Japneet Hansen-Thorpe

As professional and industrious as she is friendly and approachable, Japneet represents all of her client’s properties with an infectious enthusiasm where no stone is left unturned in the pursuit of getting the best service and return for every customer. Employment for a decade as an Early Childhood Education Centre Manager and Teacher, prior to her transition into real estate with a track record of one of the high performing salesperson. The experiences has equipped Japneet with exceptional time planning skills and sharp attention to detail. In partnership with her family, she has also owned and operated a successful business in the hospitality industry which has made her fully appreciate that all successful relationships are based on mutual trust. Backed by a strong organisational skill set, this ensures Japneet maintains a balanced lifestyle with her family and personal interests.

A natural self-starter, Japneet applies this impressive toolkit of skills and experience when committed from clear communication, great marketing, in depth knowledge of procedures & policies and looking after the rental return of your property. This comes with the heartfelt belief that success is achievable with determination and hard work.

Fluent in English, Hindi and Punjabi, Japneet is perfectly at-home in vibrant and varied Inner West and can connect your property to a diverse demographic of prospects from all cultures, and walks of life.

Dedicated, extremely motivated and fiercely competitive, Japneet is proud and excited to be a part of one of the most high performance and well known Real Estate brands for over a century at Burnham Real Estate.

Satisfaction guaranteed from a Property manager who strives to succeed.

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